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Roy Keane Versus

Feb 21, 2018

Modern life might be rubbish, but modern football is worse. Or is it?

This week radio presenter/producer/whizzkid Claire Solan joins host Neil to count down the most cutting Keano comments about the evolution of the modern game. Diving, superstar wages, breastfeeding. Was Roy right? Was he wrong?

Will Neil ever eat a...

Feb 15, 2018

Yes, we've already spent far too long looking at the moment Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira clashed in the Highbury tunnel. But now it's time to focus on all the other aspects of their dynamite rivalry.

Who was better? Who had a bigger impact on the Premier League? And 13 years after they last played for Manchester United...

Feb 8, 2018

The first proper episode of Roy Keane Versus looks at the Corkman's time at Manchester United - from fresh-faced record signing in 1993 to "disgraced" exit in 2005. To get the ball rolling, we look at the highlight of his United career: the night when he single-handedly slayed Juventus in the Champions League.