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Roy Keane Versus

Mar 15, 2018

Was Roy Keane right to walk out on Ireland at the World Cup?

James Foley joins Neil to talk about Saipan, Mick McCarthy, bibs, Roy Keane's part in Ireland's 1990s boom and whether we *actually* could have done better in the tournament if he'd stayed.

Thanks so much for listening - this is the end of our first run of...

Mar 8, 2018

Whoa, no language advisory this week! (Although there are a few minor level swears in there, sorry Mam)

Darren Richman joins Neil on the pod this week to talk about Roy's life after United. From pundit to celebrated author, briefly successful manager to cult figure, Roy has worn a variety of hats since that explosive...

Mar 1, 2018

This episode, we're talking that tackle on Alf-Inge HÃ¥land.

The darkest moment of Roy's career... or the purest expression of everything that makes Roy who he is?

Journalist and United fan Chris Hemmings joins Neil to talk about the macho side of Keane, from reducers to skinhead haircuts. They also debate whether Keane...

Feb 21, 2018

Modern life might be rubbish, but modern football is worse. Or is it?

This week radio presenter/producer/whizzkid Claire Solan joins host Neil to count down the most cutting Keano comments about the evolution of the modern game. Diving, superstar wages, breastfeeding. Was Roy right? Was he wrong?

Will Neil ever eat a...

Feb 15, 2018

Yes, we've already spent far too long looking at the moment Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira clashed in the Highbury tunnel. But now it's time to focus on all the other aspects of their dynamite rivalry.

Who was better? Who had a bigger impact on the Premier League? And 13 years after they last played for Manchester United...